Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Vintage Backscratcher

One last item from our recent Antique Mall visit and this one, too, is Disney-related.  Unlike both the Disco record and the Disneyland tray, this WDW Mickey Mouse backscratcher was something that I couldn't live without.

I never knew how much I had to scratch my back until this thing came into my life.  They're a dime a dozen (or more like $10 to $12) on Ebay, but this one was just a couple of bucks.  Thus, it came home with us.

But, the other part of this that I was drawn to was what you see below:  The Globe Mickey.

If you turn the backscratcher sideways, you'll see that there's a "Walt Disney Productions" printed on the backscratcher, which helps date it1.

There's a hole on one end of the scratcher which is just screaming out for a nail to be used to hang this thing.  Maybe down in my shop?  Or maybe next to the pinboards in the garage?

Also, it is clear that the Disney bug has struck me when it comes to vintage find hunting, right?  I mean...three of the four things that I thought were worth posting here from our recent Antique Mall visit were Disney-related?  I'm sensing a trend.

1 According to this post on the D23 site, Walt Disney Productions officially changed the corporate name to The Walt Disney Company on February 6, 1986.


  1. I went to Disney twice as a child, at ages 3 & 4, and have one of these from one of those trips. That would pleated mine at at least 1978, although they may have continued making them throughout the early to mid 1980s. I was just there last month, in August 2022, and see that they’re selling them again to celebrate DisneyWorld’s 50th anniversary.


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