Vintage Character Restaurant Glass Haul - One(s) That Got Away

I've posted about a bunch of the [vintage glasses] that I've picked up at garage sales and such over the years here on the blog.  I've bought many of them because they were the same glasses that I had when I was kid and they reminded me of a time in my life.  Others, like this Chippette's one are something from Nat's childhood

At the Twin Lakes Estate Sale that I've posted about a bunch recently, I came across this set of vintage glasses that includes a couple of the Carebear ones from Pizza Hut, a Pac-Man one, a Looney Toons one and in the back the "I hate music" ones are from the Smurfs.  You can see the price tags that they were asking $3 a piece for these on Friday.  I went back on Saturday and they were gone. 

I've bought a couple of these Carebear ones, but I don't seem to have posted about them here on the blog.  One of them, the Babe dropped and broke.  But, I know I have one of them in the cupboards somewhere.  I'll try to find it and post a photo.  I *have* posted about this sweet vintage Care Bears suitcase that the Babe bought at Antiques on the Bluff in St. Joe's a few Summers back. 

As for the prices...I think the $1.50 a piece is about the *right * price.  That's about what I paid for the "Big Mac" one from McDonald's recently and at $1 per glass, I would have grabbed all of them!  But, say it with me:  It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them.


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