Spotted: Vintage Passenger, Baggage and Observation Cars in Union Station Yard

Over the years, I've posted a series of photos of various, interesting train cars that I've come across on my rides on Metra.  The first one was this MTA Metro North car from New York that I saw on the Union Pacific West line in 2012.  Then in 2015, I saw these neat passenger cars from Union Pacific sitting in the Proviso Yard

Today, I'm adding a bunch of interesting cars to the collection here on the blog.  And all of these were in one long line sitting in the yard just south of Union Station.  They are all passenger cars starting with the two you see at the top:  a Pennsylvania passenger car called the "Frank Thomson" and a The Milwaukee Road baggage (I think) car. 

Here's a closer look at the car from The Milwaukee Road:

You can see in the photo above another passenger car with a maroon horizontal strip in line next to The Milwaukee Road baggage car, but I didn't get a better picture of it. 

Also note that these photos are taken through the Metra train windows, so the blueish color is a result of the massive amount of tinting they have on their passenger train cars.

Next in line is another car that looks like The Milwaukee Road, but has a different name:  Wisconsin Valley. 

The next car I got a photo of another one from the Pennsylvania and is a Pullman Car (see the word Pullman in the left side of this photo below) and called the Braddock Inn.

Then we get to a few beauties....

Following the Pennsylvania Pullman car is this "Super Dome" observation car from The Milwaukee Road.

Then another one from The California Zephyr.

And one from the Northern Pacific that carries the CB&Q name on it.  What's the CB&Q?  Turns out it is the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy line.  Known as the Burlington Line, it merged with the Northern Pacific to form the Burlington Northern. 

Next was another California Zephyr with Silver Lariat on it.

And the last one is another California Zephyr - Silver Lariat attached to a Metra diesel locomotive. 


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