Our Green Room Christmas Tree - 2018

We have a room in our #newoldfarmhouse that goes by a bunch of names:  the front room, library, green room, quiet room.  It is your normal formal(ish) living room.  But...Whatever we call it, it also is home to our more 'formal' Christmas tree.  And is a nice little tree to experience.

I posted a photo of our Family Room tree yesterday.  That tree is big, gangly, colorful and full of ornaments of various shape and kind. 

This tree?  It is understated.  Short (like seven feet tall), white lights, nicely-shaped and has all of our vintage Christmas ornaments on it.  It fits perfectly into our Green Room. 

Like last year, it is a Fraser Fir and glows from the front window

I've posted about our Christmas trees since 2010 including yesterday's tree.

Here's our family room tree from this year (2018) that I posted yesterday.
Here's v1 of our 2017 tree - our first in Downers Grove. 
Here's v2 of our 2017 tree - the one in our family room.
Here's our 2016 tree - our last one in Elmhurst.
Here's our tiny tree from 2015 at Equation Boy/Man and Vic's house.
Here's the tree in 2014 at our old house.
Here's the post of our 2013 Tree. We kept it in the same position once again.
Here's the post (on google+) of our 2012 Tree.
Here's the post of our 2011 Tree.
Here's the post of our 2010 Tree.

In reverse order, the tree variety we've bought has been:

2010 - Fraser Fir
2011 - Douglas Fir
2012 - Fraser Fir
2013 - Fraser Fir
2014 - Fraser Fir
2015 - Douglas Fir
2016 - Fraser Fir
2017 (Family Room) - Douglas Fir
2017 (Green Room ) - Fraser Fir
2018 (Family Room) - Fraser Fir
2018 (Green Room) - Fraser Fir

That's eleven trees that I've posted about on the blog.  Three of them were Douglas Firs.  Eight were Frasers.  Creeping up to 73% being Fraser Firs.  


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