Two More Star Wars Easter Egg Pins

Back in March of 2017, I posted a photo of a Storm Trooper Easter Egg-shaped Disney pin that one of the kids traded for on a trip down to WDW.  In that post, I mentioned that the Storm Trooper was one of six pins in the set.  Welp, recently, I was cleaning out my office closet and came across a little bag of Disney pins that included these two:  Darth Vader and Chewie egg-shaped pins. 

That puts us at 50% of the set and gives us some new targets on our next trips:  find the rest of these:

1.  R2-D2
2.  C-3PO
3.  Boba Fett

If you look closely, I'm pretty sure you can figure out that the Vader one is a scrapper.  The enamel is a little low in spots and that silver post on the left side of his mouth (our right) is standing out from the pin. 

For now, I'll put these two on the pin board in the garage and keep a mental reminder of the other three. 


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