Disneyland Roses - In Their Native Environment

Back in September of 2017, I posted about a Disneyland Rose plant that Nat's Mom gave us for our anniversary.  In that post, I shared the background on the variety and how it came to be back in 2004.  I ended up planting that first Disneyland Rose plant near the rear foundation outside of our kitchen window and hoped for the best.  It weathered the first Winter and came to bloom for the first time last Summer and I posted about that in June of 2018. Then, for our Anniversary in 2018, Nat's Mom sent us two more Disneyland Rose plants that I stuck in the side foundation beds on the Southside of our house between our house and our neighbor.

So, imagine my delight when we were visiting the Disneyland Resort and we came across a large bed near the gateway entry point along Harbor Drive.  Here's the Google Maps overview that shows the area where this bed is located:

This location means that everybody at one of the "good neighbor" hotels/motels that walks to the parks, go right past this bed - right under the Disneyland gateway signage you see below.    The bed is just to the left of the sign:

You can see in my photo at the top, the bed in January is pretty sparse in terms of greenery, yet the roses have blooms on them - which is kinda nice.

If you're on your way looking for the Disneyland Rose and are staying at one of the Good Neighbor Hotels/motels, stop at the gateway and take this bed in.

This post on the Disney Parks Blog also mentions that you can find them near the maingate turnstiles and elsewhere.  From the Disney Parks Blog:
For nearly nine years, the Disneyland Rose has been gracing the entrance to Disneyland park near the Main Gate turnstiles, as well as several other areas in the park.
I'm hoping that year two for our first Disneyland Rose plant will lead to big blooms and that the other two recent Fall 2018 additions will weather the winter and bloom this Spring, too.


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