Early February Firewood Consumption Check - 2019

It appears that I didn't do a proper firewood consumption check-in post in the month of January this year as the last time I posted a photo of the wood racks was late December of 2018.  Here's a photo that I took a few days ago that shows only the largest rack closest to our family room.  Why?  Because the other two racks (the one outside and the other one in our screened porch) are both empty. 

Above, you can see a small pile of Cherry left on top and a small pile of Birch on the bottom.  This won't last long.

Compare the quantity in the photo above to where we were last February 8th when we were using the larger, metal, traditional rack

My assumption is that the cold Winter isn't going to snap into Spring anytime soon, so I've placed an order with Best Firewood to replenish the racks.  Unfortunately, the *good* Cherry as well as the Birch firewood are all sold out for the season.  So, the backfill order was a Face cord that is split between Cherry (they said it isn't the same supplier, so the quality isn't as nice) and Oak (which we haven't burned yet). 

What has become apparent is that with a close to full Winter under our books, we're going to likely have to order three Facecords next Fall.  The issue is the storage of that third Face cord.  I'm thinking that we're going to have to make a few more custom racks.

For now, I don't have to worry about rack space since we've used quite a bit of the initial delivery.

When this latest delivery takes place, I'll post about it and will keep track here in the [Firewood Consumption] diary. 


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