Locally Sourcing A Columnar Norway Spruce

Back in November, I posted about how I was dreaming about a columnar conifer like this Columnar Norway Spruce that I found online.  The Tree Center is selling 1 gallon versions of this tree for $50, but with the pot being just one gallon, you can bet that that tree is tiny.

Then, just a couple of days ago, I shared my 2019 To-Do Garden List that included as #8 on the list:  do something *more* with conifers.  I mentioned this very Columnar Norway Spruce.

Funny thing that I just came across a photo on Instagram from Lurvey Landscape Supply - which happens to be in Volo, Illinois and is on the way to Twin Lakes.  I've long admired their place as we drove by, but I assumed that it was a wholesale place.  Turns out, I was wrong and they not only do retail business, they encourage visits via their social handles. 

(Side note:  this is a different place than I posted about in regards to their topiaries, but is ON THE SAME ROAD - as we travel to Twin Lakes.  I've noted in my own head how many landscape supply shops are clustered there....)

Here's the photo that caught my attention:

Well, well, well. Look at that.  That's the tree?!  They call it a Norway Spruce "Cupressina' - which, when you look at the listing on The Tree Center - totally checks out.  There, they call it "Picea abies 'Cupressina'".  The ones at Lurvey are clearly larger than one gallon trees.  I would guess they're seven or eight feet tall at their tips. 

I'm thinking that we'll have to make a trip there - or at least a phone call there to find out what they're charging for their columnar conifers. 


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