Dawn Redwood Buds About To Burst Open - April 2019

Last Summer, I had to replace the Dawn Redwood tree that had died in our yard.  This was the very first tree that we planted in 2017 before we moved in to our new house.  I noticed that first Fall that the tree was in trouble and posted a photo wondering if it was going to make the Winter.    It didn't.

So, last year we replaced it.  And baby'd it all Summer.  It was reacting positively and we saw some new growth all the way through October - which was a good sign.  Then, I did a final check-in on the tree in November where we saw all of the needles still clinging to the branches. 

Today, the limbs are covered with little buds that you can see in the photo above.  Good sign of life, right? 

I also picked up a little trick that helps ascertain if a tree is healthy and alive:  you take your fingernail and scrape off a tiny bit of bark.  If you see 'green', you're in good shape. 

For this Dawn Redwood after the scrape?  Green.  Could this be the Spring where our Redwood gets established?  Sure hope so.


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