Sarah Bernhardt Peony Emerging - 2019

Last May, I planted the first peony tuber in our backyard after having quite a few varieties in our old backyard in Elmhurst.  This first plant was a Sarah Bernhardt variety and is supposed to have big, beautiful pink blooms.  Here's the post showing how I planted it in May of 2018.   It seemed to establish itself in the Spring because in June of last Summer it showed some signs of life with little purple shoots coming up for the first time.  

But, that's about all the 'action' we saw out of this plant during the Summer.  But, I'm thinking that it was busy establishing itself under the mulch because if you peek at the photo at the top of this post, you'll see that we now have a strong leader popping up this Spring.  

This is still an immature peony and I'm hoping that we get one flower out of it this year, but we might not get any.  If you want to see what a very mature (7 year established) peony plant looks like at this time of year, have a look hereThis is my post showing the peony arrive back in 2015.  Quite a bit more pink/purple shoots, not just a couple.  

I'll keep an eye on this over the Summer and feed it a bit to see if we can keep it going along on it's merry way. 

We have a few more peonies in the yard now - some by harvesting from teardowns - that I'll cover in the coming days. 


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