Teardown Peony Emerging - 2019

Yesterday, I posted a hopeful photo of the first peony that I planted in the backyard that has come back for the second season.  Today, you're seeing another peony - one that we planted from my Sister-in-Law's yard before they built their new house.  Here's the post showing the harvest I pulled out of her yard that included irises, a grass or two, some hostas and what at the time I was pretty sure was a peony plant. 

If you look at the date on that post, you'll notice that it is right in the middle of the Summer.  Not an ideal time to transplant anything.  But, we didn't have a choice, so late June transplanting was what we were dealing with in this situation. 

Most of the plants didn't show much life.  They didn't show total death for the most part, but I wasn't that hopeful that much of anything was going to come back.  The only plant that seemed to flourish and grow post transplanting from her yard was this happy fern that I put in the deep shade.  The peony?  I had no idea what was going to happen.

But, have a look above:  there's some good news!  The peony seems to have survived both the mid-Summer transplant AND the harsh Winter we have just been through. 

I'm not sure what variety of peony this is, but I don't think we'll figure that out this year.  If we get a flower, I'd be surprised, but like the Sarah Bernhardt variety, I'll pay this one a little attention and see if we can keep it on it's way.  (I suppose....that starts with weeding around it and removing the Creeping Charlie, right??) 


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