Triumph and Darwin Tulips Up - April 2019

Back in the Fall of 2017 (our first fall), I planted 30 tulip bulbs along the fenceline in our backyard in between the section where our espalier system is set up and where we are growing a series of hydrangeas.  They popped up for the first time in March of 2018 and I documented that here.  And by Mid-May they had bloomed in a beautiful combination of orange and yellow.  I mentioned last year that I thought it was going to be best to relocate these bulbs, but guess what?  I never got around to moving them. 

This post claims that the *best* time to transplant tulip bulbs is the late Fall - about the same time that I put these in the ground.  From the post:
The best time to transplant tulips is in the late fall, according to Ron Smith, Horticulturist at the North Dakota State University Extension Service. In the fall, bulbs have completed their growing cycle and lie dormant. Moving dormant tulips doesn't interrupt the growing cycle and makes the bulbs less susceptible to injury. If you move them just before they start popping up in the spring, there's a chance the delicate bulbs will experience shock or injury that affects their blooming.
The Fall it is.  Just have to put in a reminder for myself later this year that when I buy bulbs, I should think about moving these, too.

In terms of space, we expanded the bed that these are in 'forward' (towards the center of our lot), so we can now have these be more 'in front' of something that is a bit larger/taller.  The plan doesn't call for a tree, but I'm thinking that we can plant something fairly columnar right where these tulips are and then push the tulips forward.  Something like the Weeping White Spruce that I've lusted after (one here on the Tree Center) that will shoot up vertically, cling close to the fenceline and not intrude too much on our yard. 

Referencing back to my 2019 Yard To-Do list, #8 was to dig in on the conifers.  This would check that box, right?  A closer look at the 10 items on the list, #3 and #4 are close to the same thing, so maybe I can add the bulb relocation as something I need to accomplish?  Maybe I need an 'addendum' post to the top 10 list for 2019?  Seems like a good idea to capture my thinking...


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