Wasteland Pub Spookytown - Lemax Menards 2019

Day three of the run of SpookyTown buildings from Menards this season is here.  First there was the Symphony of Screams bandshell.  Then the tabletop Halloween Gateway Countdown yesterday.  Today, is this Wasteland Pub building.  Just like those two, the Wasteland Pub is new for 2019 and part of the Menards Spookytown setup.

As I mentioned the past few days, Mantleburg isn't in a position to want or need any new annexations this season, so the Wasteland Pub is destined for other municipalities.  I posted back in 2016 about another Lemax Pub - the Big Ben Pub from Caddington Village.  A village like Mantleburg that is in distress can probably use a pub to have the community gather.  Alas, the Mayor hasn't been seen in months and there's nobody around to make those decisions.  Too bad, right? 


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