Fedex Worldwide Headquarters Landscape Hedge Inspiration

Yesterday, I posted about the lobby of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis and mentioned that this was my first time visiting the city.  I didn't get to see much of that the city has to offer - no Beale Street, etc - but I did have bbq from Central BBQ (which was recommended) and made a visit to another big landmark in town.  That's what you see in the photo above:  the entrance gates to the Fedex World Headquarters.

You can find quite a bit online about the Headquarters project related to the building and grounds and the various building and LEED certifications that the project undertook, but I haven't been able to find any documentation about the landscape and landscape design.  And that means that I can't - with certainty - understand what is going on with the entrance hedge that you see above.

I snapped this photo out the van window while we were waiting to be admitted to the grounds and I was struck by the boxwood hedge that is in place out front of the campus.

What does it look like to you?

A Jacques Wirtz-inspired Cloud Hedge, right?

That's what this thing screams to me.

The undulating curves that have been created by each of the boxwoods create this cloud-like feeling that I love.  Not sure exactly how old these are, but if you look across the driveway, you can see the plantings look a little bit more individual, but the ones that are up close are more 'cloud-like' in their look.

Love that they let them grow together and make this blanket of ups-and-downs out front of the guard shack.

Were they going for the Jacques Wirtz Cloud Hedges from the start?  Or, did they plant something more formal to only realize or back-into this look after each of the individual plants grew together?

I planted these four small boxwoods last year and now I'm wondering how long they'll take to grow together so I can do something similar?  Or....should I plant even more somewhere?  We have six small boxwoods out front that are planted closely, but maybe I should put more in front/behind of them to grow into a Cloud Hedge?  Right now, we plant some annuals in front of the boxwoods out front, so if we added more boxwoods, that would require me to dig the bed out a little more - eating in to the lawn.

Or, those Hicks Yews that I planted earlier this Summer? They gotta grow faster than they are right now!

A guy can dream, right?


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