Front Yard Driveway Karl Foerster Grasses - October 2019

Next up in my entries documenting some of our front yard plants are these Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grasses.  Unlike the Little Henry that I posted a few days ago, these grasses *have* been documented in the garden diary.   I posted a photo last August showing all three of them here.    And here's what they look like earlier in the season - June 2018 - when they were just emerging. 

You can tell that these have grown larger and more substantial.  They move with the breeze and provide a nice breaker in the little bed between our driveway and the front stairs towards the porch.  When I look at these, I see a little bit of what looks like Grass Rust on the blades, but it might be just seasonal aging?  I didn't treat these with any fungicide like I did in our front yard, but I'll keep an eye on them next season and maybe put a little preventive down before I mulch. 

The feather reeds are beautiful this year and they provide quite a bit of "winter interest" for us, but because of where they're placed, I end up piling a bunch of snow on top of them and they bend over and the reeds get splayed.  And...that leads to a more sloppy look.  And then Nat and I talk about how we should lop them off.  We'll see what happens this year, but I'll keep them around for as long as we can because our yard gets so bare during the Winter. 


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