Driveway Grasses - August 2018 Garden Diary Entry

This gardening season, I planted a number of Karl Foerster Reed Fountain grasses in our backyard along the rear foundation outside both the kitchen and the screened porch.  The weren't the first set of these fountain grasses that we had planted, though.  As part of our 'move-in' landscaping that our builder and landscape team completed before we moved in was the installation of three Karl Foerster Reed Grasses in a small bed that sits between our front walk/stoop and driveway.  The bed is about ten or twelve feet long by about three feet wide. 

You can see all three of them in the photo above with their feather reeds showing off for the world to see.  They really look great and seem to be healthy in this spot. 

I first posted about these grasses a little bit over two months ago - June of this year - when I posted this photo of the grasses just getting started for the season.  Go check out this post to see how much smaller they were (and so green!).  I called them 'front porch grasses' at the time, so maybe that's a better name than 'driveway grasses'?  Both seem appropriate, but one feels a little nicer, right?

One other thing to note here is the presence of two - seemingly random - pieces of flagstone.  I picked them up from Nat's sister's lot ahead of their teardown (along with that huge haul of plants) and while much of the stone ended up in back, these two pieces stayed here. 

This post serves mostly as a diary entry in the [garden diary] that I can revisit next season to see the changes as these plants mature over time. 


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