Season Two - Karl Forester Reed Grasses By Front Porch - June 2018

These three Karl Forester Reed Grasses were planted by the landscaper by the builder before we moved in.  They're placed in a small bed that is sandwiched between the front stairs on our porch and front walk and our driveway.  I didn't document them last season here on the blog, but due to their location, they didn't have an easy time.  (I *did* document other things in the front like our Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas.)  Based on where our hose bib in front is located, our hose ended up living in this area a lot last year and as such these things were trampled/smashed pretty regularly.  That meant that come late Summer/early Fall, they were looking shabby.  I wasn't sure what the Winter would hold, but I crossed my fingers.  Earlier this Spring, I cut back all the winter show and now look at them!  They're doing quite well and have tons of growth. 

The same can't be said about the grasses we bought from Costco last fall.  They didn't come back at all, so I've ripped them out and will be replacing them with something else down the line.

These are the same variety of grasses that I planted back by the kitchen window earlier this Spring and those grasses are experiencing the same issues:  smushed by the hose, not looking awesome.  But, I'm not worried.  As long as I can keep them going through the Fall, I know they're busy building and extending their roots.  Next year?  They'll come back strong and lovely.  Just like these in our front yard. 


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