Garden Dreaming: Zoe The Garden Gnome @ Wannemaker's

We were recently at Wannemakers in Downers Grove to pick up a few Fall items (cabbages for the outdoor planters and the like) and - like I usually do when I'm there - I ended up wandering around their fountain and statue area.  I last posted about the fountains in 2018 here on the blog when I was dreaming about a backyard fountain in various shapes and sizes.  I think I've settled on either a bubbler or one of those fountains with a large, ground-level bowl/pool.  (more on that in another post, I suppose...)

And then earlier this Summer, I posted about how I've been looking to find another cast iron gnome to add to our garden and how they're either super expensive (vintage) or hard to find (not available very often at retail, so I've been hunting at Estate Sales and Flea Markets), and turned my attention to a possible concrete/stone Gnome that I found from Henri Studios.  The guy I started to be drawn to was named Ziggie and he's more than 2 feet tall.

Right next to the fountains at Wannemaker's was this pair of cast stone Gnomes.  And my brain was telling me that they looked familiar.  Sure enough... This is Zoe.  Partner to Ziggie.  She's just as cute, right?    Also, she's priced well - see the photo below - at $99.99.

That's less than she is online (see Wayfair's $160 price here).

That listing from Wayfair also sent me down a garden gnome rabbit hole.  Turns out, there's a whole family.  Zadie a little girl.  And Zippy a little boy.   I'm well known to focus my attention on things and becoming borderline obsessed with certain elements of the garden/landscape at times (the grass/fertilizer/trees/firewood....the list goes on and on.  Just ask Nat!), but I think going from just one garden gnome to two is enough.  We don't need a whole family, right? 

Or...maybe we do?

You wanna get (garden gnome) nuts?  Let's get nuts!


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