Menards O Gauge Piggly Wiggly Building

We were at Menards recently (of course we were) and in addition to all their Christmas decorations being out on display, we took a spin through their other seasonal section including the O Gauge train setup.  There were a few interesting buildings that I haven't seen before including a branded Starbucks store and this vintage-looking Wally's Shell station.  But, this grocery store - the Piggly Wiggly - is one of the standouts.  The product listing on Menards site is here where you can find all the details.

(Well...maybe this UFO scene with an animated claw device pulling a cow into the belly of the ship is a standout, too!  Or...maybe this odd Taco Bell with a drive-thru?

The Piggly Wiggly is a nice Wisconsin-centric addition to the line of buildings that Menards continues to put out every year.  There are more than 50 Piggly Wigglys in Wisconsin - including the only one I've ever been to in Lake Geneva.

Here, below, is Menards video that shows off that lit-up and animated billboard sign on the front of the store, the coin-operated horse for kids to ride out front and a couple of vintage billboards for Tide and Campbell's soup on the side of the building.

I'm not in the market to add anything to our O Gauge line (The Mantleburg Line) this year - let alone a building that costs $99 -  outside of something I might buy at the annual Christmas train show with my Dad.  But if I was, just like the changeable copy billboard that I posted about last year, this might be the one that I *would* add.


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