Menards Christmas Creep - 2019

Early October means....Christmas time!  At least, that's how the fine folks at Menards view it.  And, I'm happy to admit this:  My name is Jake.  And I'm ok with Christmas Creep!  I've covered Menards Enchanted Forest Christmas setup for a number of years now. 

So, October 1st is *late* in terms of when I get around to posting things.  I was at the Bolingbrook store over the weekend, so I suppose this could have, technically, been a September post.  But, I didn't get around to posting the photos until this am.  

I love walking through all the Christmas stuff - and the kids love it even more. Also, the one thing that I've learned about holiday decorations at Big Box Stores is that they don't restock stuff.  That means...that once the inventory arrives, they put it out.  (hence...why the Christmas trees are up in September).  Then...they sell it.  And there's no backfill orders coming in.  For shoppers, the implication is that if you see something you like and **, you should buy it.  Once they run out, they run out!  

Here's a couple of the kids going into the forest.  

The part of the setup that is most interesting to me is the one aisle that is all about tinsel.  Love me some vintage tinsel decorations.  And these boxes of tinsel are where I am drawn:

But, those of you who hate Christmas Creep, don't worry.  There's still TONS of Halloween stuff up at Menards.  Also, don't get ahead of yourself, folks. can't listen to Christmas music yet


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