Rear Foundation Boxwoods - Fall 2019 Update

Above is a look at the four boxwoods that are planted right outside of our Kitchen windows next to the foundation.  I last posted a photo of these four shrubs back in April of this year when I was taking off the Winter Burn from them and shaping them a little bit.   They've really grown quite a bit and green'd up on their tips in a nice way.

A lot of boxwoods in our neighborhood took hard hits from Winter Burn this past Winter - including a few of ours in front - but these seem to have totally recovered nicely.  The two in front are now larger than the two in back.  I was initially thinking of clipping these into nicely shaped orbs, but now that I've seen the Jacques Wirtz-inspired hedge of boxwoods outside of the Fedex World Headquarters, I'm thinking I can grow these together and make a more cloud-like shape out of all four of them. 

The other thing to note in this [Garden Diary] post is the other plant in the photo. isn't a weed.  Well, not a weed in the traditional sense.  It is a Strawberry plant.  A Volunteer Strawberry plant that I posted about this Summer.  The Strawberry plants that we kept in pots never came back.  But, the tentacles and vines of the initial strawberry plant somehow survived in the ground and has now sprawled to all edges of the bed.  I was initially thinking of pulling it, but now I'm kind of liking it as a groundcover of sorts.  As this bed goes to sleep for the year, I'm not going to clip the Strawberry back and see what happens (and if it will fruit?!?) in the Spring. 


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