Red Maple Sun Valley Maple Update - Fall 2019

Our little Red Maple Sun Valley Maple Tree in the far back of our yard is putting on a little bit of a Fall show right now.  As the name implies, it is *supposed* to be a lovely red show.  Like this.  Ours isn't, ummm, red.  But it *is* yellow.  And that's what happened last year, too.  Here's a post from early November that shows the tree in early Fall and then during its yellow phase

This Maple tree was planted on Earth Day in 2018 and was a tiny little thing.  It has since grown up a bit - both in height and caliper. 

In the [tree inventory] of 2018, it topped out at 96" in June of 2018.
This year's [tree inventory], showed it had gained 12" and is now 108" tall

This is a tree planted not for today, but for the long term. (Remember..."He who plants Oaks Maples, looks forward to future ages...") It is a tree that is for 20 years from now and one that we planted in the rear part of the yard because we know that one day, the giant Walnut tree in the easement behind our fence will come down.  That will be a sad day, but if given enough time, this Maple - along with more that we should plant next Spring - will grow up in its place and provide the shade and shelter that we've grown to love about the far back of our yard. 


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