Weeping White Spruce - Acquired But Not Planted (Yet)

I first came across a Weeping White Spruce tree via Laura @ Garden Answer on Youtube.  I've embedded her video below and have set it to start at 1:03 mark in the video where she talks about how they picked this tree out.  In particular, she talks about how we're not supposed to judge an evergreen by what it looks like as a 'baby tree'.    The Weeping White Spruce is a columnar evergreen and it is a weeping tree.  By now, you guys know I love columnar varieties of trees and are drawn to those because it means that I can pack more trees into the yard as they grow.  

The first weeping conifer that I bought was last year was the Weeping Himalayan Cedar Tree that I planted about a year ago.  Earlier this month, I posted my concern for the tree as it had suddenly turned brown, but the good news is that it seems it has recovered and there is new, green growth all over the place.    I also added six (but just three of them planted so far) Canadian Hemlocks to bring the count to four conifers in the yard.  

I've been thinking about columnar evergreens since last Fall when I posted about how I was interested in a columnar Norway Spruce.  This new tree is a Spruce, too, but it is a weeping tree, which I think is kind of interesting and will provide additional Winter interest.  It is between three and four feet tall and once I get it in the ground, I'll take the tree height and add it to the inventory.    The tree came with a short stake, but I'll also have to replace that with something taller because it has already reached the top.

I'm not counting this on the # of trees planted just yet because you can see that it is still in the container.  Once it goes in, I'll mark it with a post and show how it stacks up.

I'm going to stick this tree pretty close to the fence as the full, mature spread is only 4 or five feet around and pretty close to the kitchen windows.  Kind of *next* to where the Espalier Linden Trees are currently.  Wondering what a full-size, mature version looks like?  Check out this photo below:

This photo is NOT mine.  I found it here via Google Image Search.  It is used a bunch of places, but I think the original source is from Monrovia here.
As you may recall, #8 on my 2019 Yard To-Do List was to "do something with conifers" this season.  Once I get the other three Hemlocks in, I'll have planted seven (so far) conifer trees and three coniferous shrubs (Gold Cone Junipers) bringing the total to eight trees and three shrubs.  With maybe one more on the way?  But, I'd say that's "doing something", right?  Let's cross #8 off the list.


  1. I believe the tree you purchased is actually a weeping Norway spruce, not a weeping white spruce.


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