Firewood Consumption - Mid-January 2020

It has been seven weeks since I did the last "Firewood Consumption" check here on the blog with these photos on December 4th, 2019.  Today, I'm sharing this (somewhat sad) photo showing the current state of our firewood hoard.   On the top is what Cherry firewood we have remaining (about a dozen pieces) and on the bottom is what Birch firewood we have remaining (about two dozen pieces).  This is in addition to the 'hearth-side' firewood storage box that holds about a dozen combo teams.

This order was delivered in October of last year and was a face cord of Birch and a face cord of Cherry.

Comparing this to last season (2018/2019), we're about two weeks ahead of where we were last year.  Check out the February 2nd post from last season (Feb 2019) and the 'stack' looks similar to today.

I keep a tertiary rack on the side stoop outside of my office door that I've exhausted all the Cherry/Birch from, and once empty,  I moved the little bit of limbs and wood that came from the Oak tree in mid-November.  Snow brought down what I think is a 25+ year old limb.

Here's what that pile looks like (along with a random round of what I think might be ash that I was using to weigh down our old basketball goal.   I sawed down most of the pieces to be between 12" and 18" so they'll fit in the firebox.  Oak usually takes a while to season and I'm not seeing much color change on these yet, so they're not ready.  I suppose I should post another photo of the moisture content to see how fast it is moving.  More to come on that.

You can see the full season of 2018/2019 posts below and note that I placed the re-order in Mid-February last year.  I just re-ordered that 50/50 mix this morning.  So, we're about 3 weeks ahead of where we were last year.    I'm going to have them stack the wood first on the racks in the screened porch and then leave the remaining on top of this Oak pile on the side stoop.

oh..and this is in addition to the stack of Ash firewood that I've put up in the far back of our yard.  I'm still not done splitting those rounds but once I get around to it, I'll do a proper count.

Here's 2018/2019 full season of posts:


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