All Four 2019/2020 Amaryllis - Mid-January 2020

A couple of days ago, I shared some photos of the flowers of the 'double blooming' Cherry Nymph Amaryllis that I planted in November.  I only showed the flowers, but wanted to revisit (for record-keeping sake) all four of the bulbs for height and vitality in January.  The last time I posted photos of these flowers was on January 2nd.  You can see the photo of these same four flowers 2.5 weeks ago here

Left-to-right, the flowers are:  Apple Blossom (Menards), Red Lion (Menards), Star of Holland (Menards) and Cherry Nymph (Wannemakers).

Some notes: 

  • The Red Lion bloomed first and exhausted itself first, too.  This had two stalks/stems.
  • The Apple Blossom went second and is also exhausted.  However, this was the only one that had just one stalk/stem.
  • The Red Lion has a bud that is about to burst open.  It was behind the other two, but the second stem/stalk will have flowers (I think) into February.
  • And, finally, the heights were all over the place:  the Red Lion was treated with the most alcohol and it is the shortest.  The Cherry Nymph is the tallest - by far.  
Full series of these [Amaryllis] posts for 2019/2020 (so far):


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