More Transplanted Hostas - Oak Tree and Flowering Pear Beds - May 2020

Yesterday, I posted a photo of a few of the teardown hostas that I divided and transplanted underneath the Hornbeam hedge and talked about how it was getting me closer to fulfilling my goal on "Priority Area #2".  I mentioned that I planted a few more as part of this set around the Oak and flowering Pear tree in that area.  In the photo above, you can see an existing hosta in the blue circle that I *think* is one of these Bessingham Blue hostas that I planted a few years ago as a bareroot plant

On the backside of this Oak tree is this miniature variegated hosta that I transplanted last year.  It has started to pop through the mulch. 

The hosta that you see in the middle of the photo at the top is one of the hostas that I dug up from in front of the house that was on our property before we tore it down.  I stuck it back by the Dawn Redwood for a few years.  Now, it is here. 

And, below, you'll see three more clumps of that same hosta around the larger Chanticleer Pear tree.  This bed needs to be cleaned up and the turf on the right side likely needs to be removed and replaced with rocks of some sort. 

So...priority area 2?  It is being worked on.  Totally done?  No.  But, getting close.  Ostrich Ferns are next on my transplant list. 


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