Bressingham Blue Hostas - 2018

I picked up this bag of 10 hosta bulbs at Costco recently and while I'm eager to get them in the ground, they have a specific purpose in our landscape plan:  placed at the base of the new European Hornbeams that are going in along our north fence line.  If you look at the landscape plan image in this post, you can see a series of plants at the base of the trees in the green area.  Those are Hostas.  15 of them or so. 

But, if you've read any of my gardening posts here on the blog, you know that I love hostas.  They're my favorite plant.  Along with ferns.  Actually...any kind of shade gardening.  I've planted plenty of hostas over the years.  I mean...we even fostered our giant Hosta over at Nat's Mom's house in Naperville the past few years.  I also dug out - what I *think* were a few hostas out of our neighbor's yard before they tore down the house.  I'm hopeful that those will emerge this Spring. 

Back to these Bressingham Blues.  They're a larger (Dare I say 'giant') hosta.  That, as you'd guess based on the name have a little blue to them.  From DeGroot:
Bressingham Blue’ is one of the best blue-green hostas. This nicely formed, upright plant has huge, cupped heart-shaped leaves of heavy substance. The leaves are very puckered. This becomes an exceptionally large hosta at maturity.
One can only hope that my hostas will become 'exceptionally large'.  But, of course, that won't happen for years.  And maybe that's why I love gardening so much:  there's so much to look forward to every year.

How's that Audrey Hepburn gardening quote go?


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