Pair of Transplanted Hostas Under Espalier'd Linden Trees - July 2020

I have been busy digging up, moving, dividing and transplanting hostas around the backyard.  Started with the Teardown Hostas around the hose bib in back.  Then moved a series of variegated hostas around the Oak tree.  And transplanted three back by the other Oak tree.  Here, in the photo above, you can see two more.  These are two parts of a divided hosta that are now planted at the base of the espalier'd Greenspire Lindens on the southside of our backyard.    These two - the larger one is on the left ) are currently located in between the two trunks - and to the East of the first set of Summer Beauty Allium that I planted this year

The hostas don't look like much right now, but history tells me that if I keep them happy and wet this year, they'll come back in a more traditional form next year when they emerge from the mulch.   


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