Troubled Chanticleer Pear Tree - Confused And Leaf'ing Out - July 2020

A few days ago, I posted about suckers on some trees in our backyard that were struggling and didn't leaf-out on time that included one of our Chanticleer Pear trees.  At that time, I talked about how each of these trees seemed to be healthy when they went dormant last year, but all had different issues this Spring.  One of them (the Dappled Willow) started and then shut down.  The Chanticleer Pear tree was the most strange - as it was still green (under the bark), but had some suckers show up a foot or so from the root flare. 

And, just as I posted that, I noticed some weird activity on that tree.  It seems that *some* of the branches started to leaf out.  Sparse-ly. But, you can see in the photo below that there are SOME leaves and even one white flower.

If you look at the photo above, you'll also see the sucker about a foot from the rootflare.  This is the second Chanticleer Pear tree that had trouble like this.  Our driveway tree was troubled and confused and flowered SUPER late in the year in 2018 when it threw off white flowers in November.

That tree has NEVER been the same and continues to struggle.  So, while I'm happy to see this little bit of leaf'ing out on this tree, I'm not that hopeful for the long-term viability of this little tree.  I'd be super happy to be proved wrong, but I'll put this one on the 'watch list' and am not expecting it to come back in 2021.   


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