Yew Hedge Update - August 2020

A week or so ago, I mentioned that I threw down some pavers to form a makeshift walkway behind the tiny yews that we have at the back part of our yard.  You can see in the photo here that all of the yews have settled into a pretty dark green color after experiencing some bright-green Spring growth this year

As of now, all of the Hicks Yews have seemingly established themselves despite having some trouble this Winter with some frost/cold damage

There are 12 total Hicks Yews back there that I bought last Summer and planted shortly there after.  My inspiration for this hedge is this swooping one from Bunny Williams.  We're now one year in and I'm hoping that by year three, we'll see these things begin to grow closer together and close some of the current gaps.  I was thinking that I'd leave these to grow to about three feet tall before I get out the hedge clippers to start shaping them.

This is part of what I've called "Priority Area #3" in the backyard - that calls for some additional plantings.  But, as I was digging up a hole to plant some hostas "under" this hedge, I came across an orange cable about four inches below the surface.  I'm pretty sure that was the live cable from Comcast that I came this/close to severing with my spade. 

Note to Future Jake:  on the very north edge of this Hedge, there's an orange cable that you need to avoid. 


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