A Fox Across the Street - Randall Park, Downers Grove - Summer 2020

I was out moving the lawn sprinkler around (the gear drive one that I bought this Summer) and I noticed someone watching me from across the street.  It was this guy - a little Fox - sitting on the driveway watching my moves.  I looked down and then when I looked up, he was gone. 

For reference, this is the driveway that you can see in the video here from 2017 with the same white garage door peeking out.

Not the first fox we've seen - but I mostly see them closer to Maple Avenue - behind the Lincoln Center - but a good reminder that they're around and our neighborhood is home to plenty of wildlife. Two years ago, I posted this photo of a Coyote on my walk to the train.  Last Summer, a duck laid an egg in our yard.  And earlier this year, I spotted an Owl up in a large tree early one morning

We've had a bunch of run-ins with foxes up in Wisconsin - in fact I saw one up on the porch one Winter morning

Foxes are talked about all around town on places like Nextdoor - so much so - that there's a local restaurant named The Foxtail. 


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