All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses - A Dozen from Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale - September 2020

One of the plants that I've been chasing for a while is a Japanese grass.  I posted a 'dreaming post' back in January of this year featuring something called "All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses".  I wasn't the only one in our house that has had a little bit of plant lust as Natalie had snapped a photo of a neighbor close to Randall Park that has grasses in their yard and she said:  "I like these" when she texted me the photo.  So, imagine my delight when I went to the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale and came across a bunch of these All Gold Grass - Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'.   The sign you can see below carries this description:

A vigorously growing, all gold version of the Hakone grass.  A cascading habit makes it perfect for the landscape or container.  Spreads slowly through rhizomes.  

I ended up buying quite a few of these and have plans to put them in both our front (side) yard and the backyard.  

Here's what one of them looks like:

Here - below - is the plant tag that calls out "Part shade to Full Shade".  

It seems that these can be planted as a border plant or in a more natural setting.  I'm thinking of planting them with some of my hostas in a natural settting as well as a few in a more border-like setting and the final few amongst some coral bells for a lime-green/maroon contrasting bed.  

Once I get these in the ground, I'll post photos of their locations around the yard. 

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