Waterslide Hosta - My first Ruffled Hosta - September 2020

 Yesterday, I started to share some items that I bought at the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale starting with a pair of Karl Foerster grasses and mentioned that I also came home with some other items.  Here is one of those: A Waterslide Hosta.

They had a few different varieties of hostas that were unique - ones that you can't buy at Home Depot or most big box garden centers.  All of them were selected by the staff at the Arboretum to be good for Fall planting.  Of the six or so for sale, I ended up deciding on trying a few.  I mean...tell me that you could see a rack of these hostas and not want to buy one?

Here's the tag showing the Waterslide hosta mixed in with some other more lime-colored hostas.

And the back of the tag:

The description on the tag reads:
This beautifully ruffled hosta is a thrill to behold! Blue, rippled leaves hold their color all season long.  Lavender flowers appear on proportionate flower scapes.

Here, below, is the sign that was up at the Plant Sale and includes the $12 price.  

I'm not certain where I'm going to put this, but I'll find it a prime location in the backyard - either adjacent to the recently-transplanted hostas around the large Oak, just to the west of the three tear down hostas that I transplanted under the *other* Oak or maybe underneath the espalier'd Lindens.  I'll post some photos once I plant it in the ground.

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