Praying Hands Hosta - From Morton Arboretum Sale - September 2020

The third variety of plant material that I brought home from the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale last week is the second cultivar of hosta.  And it is (maybe?) even more unique than the Waterslide one that has ruffled edges.  This one is called Praying Hands Hosta and according to Walter's Garden, it is "unlike any other hosta."  It also was "Hosta of the Year" in 2011.  

Here - below - is the plant tag that shows the height being 14-18" and the spread being 12-16".  

Here - below - is a look at the plant that I brought home.  It is really interesting looking.  

If you looked closely at the photo of my Linden trees that I posted a few days ago, you might have viewed this hosta at the base of one of them.  I've been watching the sun/shade patterns of that area to see if it is the right place to plant this hosta.  I'd like it in a spot that can be viewed and highlighted - so underneath those trees feels good right now.  I'll do a shade study and confirm that it is in shade most of the day.  Once I confirm the planting location, I'll post a final photo to mark it in the garden diary.

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