Praying Hands Hosta - Planted September 2020

 A couple of weeks back, I posted a photo of a pretty unique hosta - called Praying Hands - that I bought at the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale.  Praying Hands is 'unlike any other hosta' and was named "Hosta of the Year in 2011".  When I bought it, I wasn't sure where I was going to plant it, but new it needed shade and I wanted to put it in the spot where I could enjoy it.  I thought about planting it close to our house.  In this post showing off our Linden Cordon Espalier trees, you can see that I was thinking of planting it beneath those trees.  

In fact, I did a 'shade study' of that location.  Here, below, is a photo from 1 pm when I was trying to see if the spot stayed in shade during the middle of the day.  You can see that it is, indeed, in the shade.  But, I'm pretty sure that the sun is in a lot lower spot (already) than it is during the heat of the Summer.  So, while the Lindens are in shade in September....I'm not sure they are in July.  

So, my hesitancy to put this prized (at least to me) hosta in a non-shady spot made me reconsider the location.  After looking at this hosta in the nursery container for a few weeks, I decided to locate this on the northside of our property, underneath our largest Catalpa tree.  This is adjacent to the location where I planted three larger Guacamole Hostas in early August of this year.  Below, you can see the in the photo the location of this hosta - just to the left of the three Guacamole cultivars.  

I'll water this one in heavily this Fall and hopefully in a couple of seasons, it will grow large enough to divide into a few clumps and I can add a grouping to this - currently - solitary hosta.  


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