Rear Foundation Boxwoods - Early Fall 2020


The last time I posted a photo in the garden diary of these four boxwoods was 11 months ago in October of 2019 when I showed off some new growth from the season.  The photo above shows even more growth this year as they've started to fill in the gaps.  I planted these in Fall of 2017 and they were small.  I shaped them in Spring of 2019 - which was the last time they had a haircut.  And that's because I found this boxwood hedge at the entrance to Fedex's Worldwide Headquarters campus down in Memphis where they have an amazing, wavy block of boxwoods.  

I don't own hedge trimmers, but Martha Stewart has been pushing these battery-operated handheld ones from Stihl.  

They're available at Ace Hardware, (Reminder:  I don't do affiliate links, so that's just a link directly to the product) so maybe it's something I'll put on my Christmas list or pick up next Spring.  I'm thinking that I should start to put a little haircut on them to assist in filling out the gaps between them.   I'm thinking I can begin to shape them up and down with curved tops to start to see that wavy look like they have at Fedex.  Oh, and I can use them on the Yew Hedge in the far back that threw off the first berry arils this season.  


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