Mass of Six All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses Planted - Backyard - September 2020

 I bought a total of eleven All Gold Japanese Grasses from the Fall Plant Sale and put them in the ground in two locations with the aim of making two distinct masses of these grasses.  I put five in the front yard - and I'll post about that shortly.  And, I put six in the ground in the backyard - in between the largest Flowering Pear tree and the 31" Red Oak Tree on the north side.  These are in 'front' of the Apple Tree Belgian Fence.  You can see that location in the photo below:

The grasses might be hard to pick out, so below, you can find an annotated version of that photo showing the location of these six grasses interplanted with some hostas and our lone Azalea.  This is a brand new - this year - bed.  You can see it as bare mulch here.  

I supplemented the soil around these six with a couple of bags of composted manure to try to enrich the soil and give the grasses a good headstart.  I'm going to water these in every few days this Fall to keep them established with the hope that we'll see all of them throw off new growth come Spring in a more naturalized mass planting like this.  

(Note:  this post is published on the first of October, but I'm labeling this planting in September - because that's when it occurred.)


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