New Mulch Beds - Northside Behind Oak Tree Swing

Yesterday, I shared a video of our twelve yard mulch delivery and my plans to spread it around our property as part of my (new) social distancing project plans.  One of the areas that I mentioned in that post as a 'net new' bed was in the area by our tree swing - what I've billed as "Priority Area 2" earlier this Spring.  Here's a new look at that area from our bedroom (zoomed in) that shows how I've take what was once a mulch island (just a ring of mulch around that big Oak) to more of a continuous bed.

I took the tree ring - that you can mostly still see and extended the bed all the way to the right where one of our large Chanticleer Pear trees is located.  And to the left, I created a whole new bed that was a mix of thin grass, weeds and, frankly...leaf mulch. 

Have a look at this post - featuring that River Birch behind the Oak tree - to see what I'm talking about.  This area was some grass, some weeds and never really defined in any way.  There is also an azalea that is back there in between the Oak and the fence that likely needs to be relocated. 

I've mentioned in the past that I'm envisioning a little 'walking path' back in this area and in this photo below - you can see where I'm talking about putting the path:

If you go further into that walking path post that I linked above, you'll see a piece of the landscape plan that I've pasted below.  I think the 'entry point' that I scrawled on the image below is a little bit off, but turns wasn't *that* far off:

You'll note that in the image of the plan above that the bed that connects the large Oak (the dark black circle) and the fenceline is a bit more protruding than what I've carved.  The plan also show three Oak Leaf Hydrangeas that are in the spot where the one Azalea is located - hence the relocation mention that I made above. 

In the "Priority Area 2" post, I called out some plants that I have high on my list to acquire and deal with in our yard.  I'm going to tackle some of the transplanting first - because with social distancing I'm trying to avoid going to the garden center for a bit. 

First is the transplanting of some hostas from underneath our kitchen window in the areas around the Oak tree (where the nine Hadspen Hostas are called for) and the areas where Guacomole Hostas underneath the Chanticleer Flowering Pear are outlined. 

As for my 2020 to-do list, I'm thinking that I'll be giving myself (at least) partial credit for #2 on my list based just on creating this bed and mulching it this Spring.  Once I plant more here, I'll give full credit on the list.


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