Front Room/Green Room Christmas Tree - 2020 Season

 On Monday, I posted a photo of our family room Christmas tree.  That was the larger of our two trees from Evergreen Acres in Wisconsin.  I said at the time that the tree was the 13th Christmas tree that I've posted about over the years here on the blog and the fourth Family Room tree in our house in Downers - that we moved into in the Summer of 2017. But, that was wrong.  I forgot to include our Green Room Tree in 2019 to my list.  So, technically, Monday's tree was the 14th.  And this tree makes 15.

For our new house, we've been here for four Christmas seasons: 2017, 2018, 2019 and now 2020.   In each of those three previous years - and again this year - we have a second tree in our house - a smaller tree in the front room.  Or, Green room.  Or, Library.  Depends on who describes it.  

This year - like previous - we cut down a smaller Fraser Fir and Nat decorated it with vintage ornaments in our front window.  Here it is below:

White globe lights, vintage ball ornaments and a vintage angel.  Lovely.  

Like a replica of the smaller Living Room/Green Room tree from last year.  But, it sure seems like an upgrade over what we had in 2018 and what we had in 2017.  

And, this tree gives us the whole 'see from the street' vibe that your brain naturally goes to when you think about Christmas trees in people's houses.  

Monday's Family Room tree was #14 on the blog.  This one makes 15 trees.  

Here's our 2020 Family Room tree - about 8' tall in total, but really nicely shaped.
Here's our 2019 Family Room tree that we bought from Wannemakers. Was taller than 2020's tree.
Here's our 2019 (small) Green Room Tree.
Here's our 2018 Family Room Tree.
Here's v1 of our 2017 tree - our first in Downers Grove.
Here's v2 of our 2017 tree - the one in our family room.
Here's our 2016 tree - our last one in Elmhurst.
Here's our tiny tree from 2015 at Equation Boy/Man and Vic's house.
Here's the tree in 2014 at our old house.
Here's the post of our 2013 Tree. We kept it in the same position once again.
Here's the post (on google+) of our 2012 Tree.
Here's the post of our 2011 Tree.
Here's the post of our 2010 Tree.

As for species/cultivar of fir trees we've cut down over the years, here's the list (starting with the oldest first):

2010 - Fraser Fir
2011 - Douglas Fir
2012 - Fraser Fir
2013 - Fraser Fir
2014 - Fraser Fir
2015 - Douglas Fir
2016 - Fraser Fir
2017 (Family Room) - Douglas Fir
2017 (Green Room ) - Fraser Fir
2018 (Family Room) - Fraser Fir
2018 (Green Room) - Fraser Fir
2019 (Family Room) - Fraser Fir
2019 (Green Room) - Fraser Fir
2020 (Family Room) - Fraser Fir
2020 (Green Room) - Fraser Fir

That's 15 trees that I've posted about on the blog. Three of them were Douglas Firs. Now Twelve of them have been Fraser Firs. That's 80% of the time = Fraser Firs - which I think is the most common tree out there, right?

I'm adding a new dimension to track:  source.  Here's how that stacks up:

2010 - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2011 - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2012 - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2013 - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2014 - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2015 - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2016 - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2017 - (Family Room) - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2017 (Green Room ) - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2018 (Family Room) - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2018 (Green Room) - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2019 (Family Room) - Fraser Fir - Wannemakers
2019 (Green Room) - Fraser Fir - Tammen Treeberry Farm
2020 (Family Room) - Fraser Fir - Evergreen Acres
2020 (Green Room) - Fraser Fir - Evergreen Acres

Of the 15, 12 have been From Tammen Treeberry Farm.  80%.  
1 of the 15 was from Wannemakers.  6.66%.
And now 2 of 15 from Evergreen Acres. 13.33%.


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