Winter Firewood Re-Order of Two Face Cords - January 2021

Recently, I was working in my office early one morning when I heard the BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP that comes with the backing up of a large truck.  It sounded close, so it got me out of my desk chair to look outside.  And, that's the exact moment when I remembered that I reordered some firewood from Best Firewood.  I was the first delivery of the day it seemed.  I walked out the front door and saw the guys unloading - by hand - our two face cords.  One of Cherry.  And the other of 'mixed hardwoods'.   Like I did last Fall, I decided to forgo paying for stacking and had them drop the face cords on the driveway, close to where I intend to bring it around the back.  

 Here they are unloading:

And here's the beginning of the big pile.  They started with the "mixed hardwoods" and the guy on the top of the truck is pulling the cherry firewood.

It was just Friday that I posted about how we were down to around fifty pieces of firewood in our racks.  

For this season, we had three face cords - 1 birch, 1 cherry, 1 oak - delivered in August of 2020.  These two new ones make five face cords for the season.  There was talk about a 'firewood shortage' due to the pandemic, but based on my ability to buy cherry and oaks in January, I'm thinking that things are fine in the firewood supply chain.  (I will, however note that there is NO Birch firewood available and...I'll reserve judgement on the quality of this wood until I stack it. )

2020/2021 season:  Five face cords.  2 Cherry, 1 Birch, 1 Oak, 1 "mixed hardwoods".  We are spending A TON of time home due to the pandemic, so our firewood usage has shot way up.

Compare to:

2019/2020 season:  Three face cords.  1 Birch, 1 Cherry, 1 50/50 Cherry/Oak

2018/2019 Season:  Three face cords.  1 Birch, 1 Cherry, 1 50/50 Cherry/Oak

2017/2018 Season:  One face cord.  "mixed hardwoods"


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