All Dozen Fanal Astilbes Re-Emerge For Their First Spring - April 2021

Last Summer, we bought and planted a dozen Fanal Astilbe #1 containers in the south bed of our backyard.  They immediately struggled as we went up to Wisconsin and they dried out.   When we got back, I baby'd them with a brand new soaker hose and hoped for the best that they'd all come back.  Well, this Spring, I'm seeing some good news:  All twelve are back.  Some are more vigorous than others.  But, they're all showing some purple/maroon little growth coming from the mulch.

I've mentioned this before, but one of the projects that I have slated for this Spring is to set the final edges of our backyard beds in a curvilinear layout.  A month or so ago, I laid out what I called the "Order of Operations" with the backyard that details the steps that I intend to take: remove the wire (done), extend beds, transplant, clean up, plant new stuff, mulch, and lay down the wire again.

As part of the 'extend the beds' project, I wanted to be sure that the crew doing the sod removal knew where these Astilbes were located - so I grabbed a can of marking paint and drew some circles.  Here's the twelve circles in the photo below:

And here's a close-up of one of the Fanal Astilbe plants that has re-emerged this Spring:

Once the new edges of the beds are created, my plan is to dig all twelve of these up and move them out to the new, final location near the edge of the bed.  I also have six new purple Astilbes that I'll tuck into the ground near these after I complete the dozen transplants.   


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