Another Firewood Rack Built - Firepit Area - Spring 2021

Last Summer, I built a few firewood racks in our yard based on scrap wood that I scavenged from our neighbor's dumpster.  I put two of them next to the house and loaded them with bought firewood.  And, I built an additional one back by where our fire pit is located and loaded it with scavenged Ash firewood.  Last Fall, I also acquired even more firewood from a neighbor and ended up stacking that on a couple of two-by-fours with the hope of being able to process it this Spring.  

With my brand new battery-powered chainsaw (gloves here), I began to cut down SOME of the larger pieces to get em into a spot where I can process the rounds.  That started, but I didn't get it all done.  

As part of my Spring-time "order of operations" list, we're going to be expanding our beds.  In order to do that properly, I needed to move that existing pile of Ash rounds to a new spot.  Hence, the creation of a new firewood rack.  I built this one out of leftover lumber that I had laying around.  It is the same form factor as the previous ones.  It was quickly filled (below) and shows me that (for now, at least), I can use another rack.  

The hard part of the rack planning is to understand how to balance the present need (I'm drowning in firewood right NOW!) vs the future (when I don't have as much).  Does four racks (two firepit racks and two house-racks) outdoor make sense as the end state?  

You can see the wood in the rack above hasn't been split yet, so when I get around to splitting it, I know it will create a little bit more space here.  But, once we site the final firepit location, I'm thinking we'll be using it even more this Summer.  And that's going to mean we're burning more outdoor wood than last Summer.  

For my own record-keeping, #21 on this year's to-do list was to 'build something'.  This counts.  Although, I want to do more, I feel good about having this one covered if other projects gum up my bandwidth. 


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