Humic, Biochar, Sea Kelp and Lime - Lawn and Soil Treatments - April 2021

Putting this in the lawn diary - I put down about 15# of The Andersons Soil Master 5-0-0 in the front yard this week.  And, I put down 3 40# bags of pelletized lawn lime in the backyard.  I bought The Anderson's Soil Mastery bag online - and it includes biochar, humic acid, iron, gypsum and sea kelp.  My plan is to spoon feed the front lawn with this - three per month - across the end or April, May, June.   

Here's what it looks like in the spreader:

I've applied Humic Acid in the past - early Summer 2019 - and pelletized gypsum before - but I've never applied these other things like biochar and sea kelp.  This is supposed to be an all-in-one product that I found online at Yard Mastery.  Here's their product listing:
If you’ve been looking for a granular bio-stimulant for your poor soil, this is for you. It’s meant to be an add-on to your regular fertilizing regimen. It will condition your soil, add carbon and bio-stimulants, and improve the overall health of your soil over time. Because I included some N and Fe in it, you will also see a slight visual result a few days following an application.
At $70 (including shipping), it isn't cheap, but there aren't many bio-stimulants that aren't sprayed on (and I don't want to spray stuff) and I'm looking to improve the soil quality over time.  So, this feels like a good fit for me.  I only applied it to the front yard, but I think that the first 1/3rd of the backyard (which is clay from construction) could benefit from it, too.  I'm probably going to go the gypsum route and just apply a few bags of that to the yard and the foundation beds to try to help compaction.

As for the backyard, I put down three bags of this Pelletized Lawn Lime to neutralize the soil and (hopefully) make the yard an inhospitable place for the Wild Onions.

For the season, this is the second application I've done on the yard.

Late-April - Humic, biochar, Sea Kelp, Gypsum, Iron in front.  3 bags of Lawn Lime in the back.

Next up:  Spray for weeds.  Then apply first feeding mid/late May with a heavy dose of Milorganite.

I haven't cut the whole lawn just yet, but I did take the mower out and cut down all the dog poop spots out front where my neighbors have had their dog do their business on my lawn all Winter.  Those spots are dark green, lush and tall.  So, chopping those off brought them down into about the same height as the rest of the lawn.  We've also had very little Spring rain this year, so I've been lucky to be able to hold off on the lawn cutting so far.  That will be ending very soon.


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