Inherited Daffodils - Finally Bloomed - April 2021

I've written about a patch of volunteer (I should have called them "inherited") Daffodils that live under the Northern Red Oak tree back in 2018 when I speculated that they were (indeed) daffodils.  But, that they never actually flowered for me since we lived here.  This patch of green shoots comes up every Spring.  There are like 16 distinct patches that sit in between the fence and the large Northern Red Oak tree that have put green shoots up that have an onion-like look and smell.  

I've wondered WHY they haven't bloomed - could it be that they are too old? Or not enough light?  I haven't removed the foliage of these in previous Spring seasons in the hope that they'll collect enough energy to put off blooms the following year.  

But this year?  We have *some* flowers.  Have a look at the photo below showing off some yellow flowers.  Pretty great!  Not all of them are even showing buds, but we'll get a few more this season, I think:

This spot is adjacent to the Priority Area #1 that has a cluster of Summer Beauty Ornamental Alliums right next to the tree/this patch of Daffodils.   We'll be bringing a little bit more life to this area if I follow-through on my priority list.  Oh, and I have to remove those clumps of grass back there, too.


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