Five Ostrich Ferns Transplanted to South Bed - May 2021

I recently planted our first Japanese Maple Tree (Tamukeyama) and a trio of Autumn Brillance Ferns in the newly expanded south bed.  The plan in this area called for Ostrich Ferns, so I was able to scavenge five of them from the north bed - around the Dawn Redwood - and transplanted them in a little drift or colony to the east of the Maple.  

You can see this little fern section come to life below.  Autumn ferns in the middle.  Ostrich Ferns on the left. 

These are survivor ferns as I've not bought Ostrich Ferns in Downers Grove.  These came with the lot and even after being cut back and buried under sod, they...ummm...survived.  

They spread out, so I'm hoping that these five make it through this growing season and (if they do), that means we'll have more than five here next year.  


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