Synthethic Weed and Feed - Applied to Backyard - May 2021

For the past few years, I've put nothing but organic/natural products down on the yard to control weeds, feed the turf and improve the soil.  But, this year, I skipped the application of a pre-emergent and I'm dealing with A LOT more weeds in the backyard than I normally have at this time of year.  I don't know if skipping the pre-emergent has to do with the weeds or if it is just a coincidence. But, I needed to take some action.  I bought a concentrate to spray the weeds and applied that a couple of weeks ago.  It worked - in spots - but wasn't enough.  

So, I went with what I consider a drastic measure:  I bought a bag of Weed and Feed from Menards and threw it down in the backyard.  I looked around for a weed control ONLY granular product, but didn't see something that would work, so I decided to use this combination product.  Here's a look at the bag:

Here's a closer look (below) at the makeup of the herbicide product including Dimethylamine Salt, Propionic acid and dicamba.  It also lists the inclusion of TRIMEC.  

While I was spreading out this weed and feed, I also took the time to spread out an insect killer - including ticks and ants.   

I don't put these synthetic products down on our yard lightly and I put them down right before some rain was arriving and on a Saturday morning when I knew we were going to be away from the house for almost 48 hours so the kids would stay off the yard.

This is a total deviation from my schedule - and now I'm not sure if I should apply the organic fertilizer in the next week - when I was planning on feeding the entire lawn.  But, #17 on the to-do list is to stay on top of turf management, so this checks part of that box - along with the Humic, biochar, sea kelp as well as the pelletized lime in back and the Ironite that I laid down in front.


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