Three More All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses In Curved Border - May 2021

I added three new All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses to this little curve in our backyard bringing the border total to six with three more in the back.  Back on May 9th, I posted a photo showing how I moved three of these to the edge of the new bed.  These three new ones are from the Arbor Day Plant Sale from the Morton Arboretum.  

Here's what the sign looked like at this most recent sale - where they were asking $18.95 each.

I bought eleven (11) of these last Fall at the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant sale for $16 each.  That means that I now have nine of these back in this spot and five up front - in between two driveways. 

I have these planted by themselves in a border, but seeing them now I think I should move the back three a little closer to these front three to make more of a drift.  This pdf describes a drift as 'a colony' and I kind of like that description.
Here's what I'm thinking in terms of some transplanting in this area with last year's grasses in the photo below. Turns out, that with the new bed edges, I planted ALL six of last year's Fall All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses in the wrong place.  I should have moved all six earlier this month.  

Green circles are the current All Gold Forest Grasses.  Orange circles are the locations of where I want to transplant the back three grasses.  Purple circles are the Purple Astilbes that I planted earlier this month. The two back yellow circles are variegated hostas that I transplanted last year.  (This post shows 12 of them around the tree last Summer, but until the tulips die back, I won't know exactly how many there are.  Certainly - at least at this point - there are far less than 12 that came back).  The yellow circle in the bottom left is where I think I need to put another one.   And the three blue circles are non-variegated hostas that have found a home here (for now).

Also...two notes:

1.  First, a small [garden diary] or [tree diary] note: In the photo right above, you can see some prune'd-off fruit tree limbs.  I pruned the set of Apple trees for the Belgian Fence at the same time that I transplanted these grasses.  I'll post about those trees soon.
2.  Second, a to-do-list note: #18 on the list read like this:
These new grasses ALONE aren't a total home run for #18, but together with the Japanese Maple and some new Painted Ferns sure get me there.  


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