Dawn Redwood Summer Flush - August 2021

Back in the end of July, I posted a couple of photos showing the flush of new, mid-Summer growth on our small Bald Cypress tree in our front yard.  Well..technically, it is IB2DW, but that's still in front.  We have a second deciduous conifer in our yard - a Dawn Redwood that is planted out back - that had the same flush of new, Summer growth on the tips that I wanted to document.  

This is our second Dawn Redwood; planted in the 2018 growing season.  I had planted one originally in 2017, but between some neglect and not knowing anything (I limb'd it up), it died.  

This tree was green and happy just about 12 months ago (late July 2020 when we were deep in COVID).

Below you can see the new, soft growth that is on the tips of the entire tree.  The top, apical meristem has added about six inches to the top so far, too.

Last year, I posted similar 'new growth' photos of this same tree in September.  I'm wondering if that means we'll see new growth for the better part of the next month?   

I posted a photo of this full tree in a post back in June and talked about how this tree seemed to have weathered the drought - but I think this Dawn Redwood has benefited from being adjacent to the new Weeping Nootka Falsecypress tree.  That was/is a sizeable tree, so I've baby'd it with water this growing season to help it get established.  


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