Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hosta - Three Bought - September 2021

Last month, I posted about an interesting hosta that I came across at the Growing Place called Brother Stefan hosta.  In that post, I referenced a Rob Zimmer column in the Wisconsin Gardener that highlighted a few OTHER 'interesting' cultivars of hostas that mentioned a hosta that I've seen ALL OVER various big box garden centers and, without much thought, I simply dismissed.  I dismissed it because it seemed very popular.  But, Zimmer calls the Abiqua Drinking Gourd 'One of the true giants'.  Well...that has me interested.  

Source via WisFarmer.com

So, when I found myself at one of the Home Depots this past weekend, I picked up a trio of Miscanthus sinesis 'Adagio' Maiden Grasses.  I also found these Abiqua Drinking Gourd hostas in the 50% off section.   Well, they *had* to come home with me.  Below, you can see the label:

And, here, below, are the trio of these hostas in their nursery containers:

What is the description of these?  New Hampshire Hostas calls them 'extremely distinct', 'heavily corrugated, 'deeply cupped, 'unruly foliage'.   Love ALL Of that.  They also get very large - and based on what I've figured out - that if you see someone with a HUGE hosta - like four-feet across and a couple of feet tall?  That's likely this Abiqua Drinking Gourd.  

My plan is to put them in the back by the firepit area.  I'll post an update when I get them in the ground this week.


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