Bluestone Chips Garden Path - September 2021 - Driveway Section

Six weeks ago, I posted a photo of part of our garden path on the northside of our house that we installed this Summer that featured a metal edge and a thick layer of Bluestone chips for the gravel.  In that post (from early August), I showed a view from a concrete landing forward to the gate on our fence.  The Bluestone garden path extends PAST the gate and (now) connects our driveway with our backyard.  Or....mostly does.  There's still another section to do that I think we're going to have to do in pavers with a retaining wall.  

But, I wanted to capture in the [garden diary] how the path works with the driveway.  You can see below how I flared the edging out to make a wider birth and tapered it back to a 48" wide path as it makes the curve around that Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea. 

As I said back in August, this project wasn't on my 2021 to-do list, but it should have been.  It was something that we NEEDED to get done and now gives me a bunch of opportunities to think about planting around the garden path.  Not to mention....that it makes me realize that we *NEED* to extend our firepit area with a winding garden path that I dreamed about earlier this Summer.  

And, while I'm patting myself on the back here, I should also point out that all the way back in 2017, I showed some inspiration photos of a decomposed granite path that feels very similar.  


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